The Secret Sauce to Doing What Your Heart Desires

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When I was in high school, I was an average student.

I got good grades, studied what I needed to and I did fine.

Standardized tests were something I really never took until my ACT’s.

That was WAY before all the courses and expert advice that is out there now.

In fact, I did very little prep for it and even worked the closing shift at McDonald’s the night before.

But I took it and I did NOT feel good walking out after the taking the test.

After I got the scores back, I sat down with my school guidance counselor.

The words stung, “With these scores, you probably won’t get into college.”

At the time, I heard what he said and I felt embarrassed and afraid.

Looking back at that moment, I didn’t realize how it would impact me for the rest of my life.

I see the story I was told, where my self doubt creeped in and what I started to believe about who I was and what I was capable of doing.

The funny part is that I have accomplished a lot since then but that thought was still slowing me down.

When has someone said something to you that flooded you with self doubt?

You believe the story.

You don’t try because you either have fear of failure, rejection or maybe fear of success.

Last year, my old story came up again.

I took the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches exam.

I could hear that belief coming back and hear those words that guidance counselor said.

This time, I stopped it, noticed it, laughed at it and faced it HEAD ON!

I could have quit,

I could have stayed stuck,

Never believing in myself or my abilities.

You may be surprised reading this post if you know me.

I’m here to tell you

It takes a lot of courage to write it and see it on the screen.

But I think it’s important to share this kind of stuff so maybe it can help you.

I have done a lot of work on my beliefs and watching my thoughts these last few years and continue to!

And dang it’s messy AND so liberating!

It’s where positive CHANGE happens and if you are ready to try……

The 3 most important things to overcome your limiting beliefs:

1. SEE you thoughts…..Stop believing the story that isn’t true that you’re letting run your life and experiences.

Ask yourself,…..What are the lies I’m believing that is holding me back?

2. Decide! I DECIDED it was my choice to bust through that belief that I was not going to pass that test.

I did work hard studying and preparing AND I did pass!

But it was my mindset muscle that got the biggest workout.

Do your daily mindset muscle exercise!

3. Start cheering yourself on like you do your best friend!

“You are worthy!”

“You are joy!”

“You are love!”

“You are capable!”

“You will do this because it’s what you really want deep down in your soul!”

It is your beliefs and the confidence in yourself that is your SECRET sauce to doing what your heart desires.

It’s time to start making BETTER sauce!

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