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Live Life on Your Terms

Let’s work together to find who you truly are and give you the tools to get there.

As women, society has taught us that our worth lies in how much we do for others over ourselves. This can leave us exhausted and disconnected. We spend years just trying to survive. But now, it’s time to break these unhealthy habits and rediscover who we are, our passion, and our motivation. Living in the art of being instead of always doing.

"Before - I was so busy running around like a crazy person - always stressed -always working on that list! My reward was a dessert and a glass of wine every evening around 9 p.m. This program has shown me that the best gift I can give to myself is - time. Now - I end the day relaxing by reading or spending quality time with my husband - and practicing gratefulness. It's a much healthier way to end the day."
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“I have recently joined the 8 week group Nourish With Purpose after meeting with Shari for a "Discover You" session. This session really helped me see that the "discontent" I was feeling in my life was complex with lots of related parts. Shari did an awesome job of listening carefully, reflecting back what she heard, and helping me find clarity in the issues I was struggling with. She is so warm, caring , and encouraging you immediately feel valued and nurtured and in turn, you believe in the possibility of being a better version of yourself. Highly recommend Shari."
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"After completing the Nourish with Purpose Group Coaching Program, I have a great morning ritual down that helps me to get centered and start my morning on a positive note. I am feeling more confident, and I am definitely living in the present vs. worrying about the future. My family and I see myself as a more happy person."
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Let's get you, back to being you.

We’ll Live Simply on Purpose by seeing the abundant blessings in your life. 

We’ll follow the 4 Pillars of Alive With Purpose Health & Life Coaching in my signature C.A.L.M method of coaching: 

  • Together, you’ll gain CLARITY for what a life full of purpose means to you. You’ll discover how to embrace you unique gifts and strengths, anchoring to your authentic self to set meaningful goals.
  • Creating AWARENESS to the most important things in your life. Untangling the web of doubts and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals.  You’ll generate appreciation, respect, and love for yourself.
  • Reflecting and LEARNING to listen to your body’s needs and respond with what energizes you. You’ll create healthy lifestyle habits around food, movement, and sleep. Designing the right plan that will work for you to include permission to rest.
  • Working together to nurture your MINDSET to foster healthy thoughts and feelings to empower you. Celebrating your weekly wins to keep your momentum going to reach your goals. 
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Please note: The Nourish With Purpose program offers either a 12-Week, one-on-one coaching option OR the 8-week group coaching (limited space and times available). 
Both programs give you access to our Living Simply on Purpose Community

My Signature Coaching Program

Nourish with Purpose

By Signing Up for the Nourish With Purpose Coaching Program, you will get.....

Are You ready for a fresh start or a quick reset?

Try our 30-Day Jump Start to Nourish You

Do you find comfort in food, using it as a way to regain control in all the chaos?If you’ve had enough of the diets, the never-ending workouts, and that stubborn scale that just won’t budge, 

The 30-Day Jump Start to Nourish You was designed for you. Say good-bye to the stress-driven eating habits and no time for exercise. No more one-size-fits-all approaches. It’s about understanding your unique needs.

What to Expect

You’ll Learn:

  • A 4-Step Action Plan to Keep it Simple
  • How to Enjoy Eating Without Depriving Yourself
  • Simple Ways to Make Nourishing Meals
  • Easy Ways to Move that Fit into Your Busy Day

How You’ll Feel:

  • More in Control By Having a Plan
  • Better Focused From Eating Quality Foods
  •  More Energized Getting in Consistent Movement
  • Excited to Have Better Fitting CLothes

You’ll feel empowered being supported by a coach and stay accountable to your goals inside a Members-Only Private Community.

We’ll keep it simple to reclaim your energy and confidence so you feel in control.


Living Simply on Purpose is a community membership group offered to those who complete the one-on-one coaching, or are between Nourish with Purpose and one-on-one coaching.

What to expect

Each month members will receive: 

  • Monthly Focused Topic Workshop
  • Monthly Voxer Access in Community Group
  • 2 group coaching opportunities to get support
  • 1:1 coaching call option offered to supplement
  • Feel the Support of a Community of Like-Minded Women

Topics include things like: 

  • Kick the Sugar Habit
  • Moods & Gut Health
  • The Busy Woman’s Guide to Better Time Management
  • Mastering Menopause
  • Finding Balance and Nourishing Your Well-Being

Imagine a Different Tomorrow

You can do this. As overwhelming as it can feel, as isolating as it can be, you can and will rebuild your health, your purpose, your happiness, your life. When you combine the right plan with an expert guide who knows what you’re going through and also knows how to get you to the other side, anything is possible. This can be your chance to thrive at the type of life you’ve always wanted to live.

Feel Empowered

Imagine yourself easily saying “no” and not feeling guilty

Find Peace

Imagine feeling calm and centered no matter the circumstances

Gain Fullfillment

Imagine being the best version of yourself for you and those around you

Today is the Day You Start Taking Care of You First

At this point, you have two options.  Continue doing what you’ve been doing.  And, chances are, you’ll continue getting what you’ve always gotten.  You can continue to struggle and face the challenges alone.

Or you can work with a coach that can help you realize, it’s time to say YES to YOU. 

This is your official invitation to go all in on believing that it is possible to nourish your new purpose and find who you are again!  It’s Your Turn!  It’s all waiting for you and I would love to show you the way.  

Questions? Click here to contact me.